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In the back of a high school gymnasium,
during the performance of a popular musical,
a prism shudders amidst a heap of writhing octopus flesh.

As the female lead begins her solo song,
the male lead excises a jagged rock from the calf of his leg.
He swallows it.

Thirty miles away an identical rock is cast forth by the ocean waves,
landing on a beach where it will remain, at various locations and surface strata,
for the next two millennia.
It will return to the bottom of the ocean at the mercy of an auk's careless beak.

She is sweating anxiously
her heart flutters
in anticipation of the approaching high C.

He patches up the leg wound with a skin-colored dressing,
first packing it with gauze soaked in petroleum.
The note hangs

a swordfish tumbling

a castle crumbling

the masseter contracts

and a hundred million moments pass before the lips meet and her cords lie still.
Yet the audience remains, their muscles frozen,
while seaflesh quivers just beneath the bleachers.

Applause swells and roars against the walls,
drowning out the cheers,
just before water comes and does the same.